Friday, 28 July 2017

Down's Syndrome Termination Agenda

When I was a hospital porter I sometimes took a bus home after my early shift and I often ended up sitting next to a man called Martin I knew at the hospital who worked as a canteen server in Catering. He was a short and stocky man with a slightly hunched back. His eyes were slanted and close together and he had protruding lips and an oversized tongue which impaired his speech somewhat. Although he was a grown man he was clearly retarded and childlike; yet we used to have some great conversations. Like a child, he often had extraordinary insights that might escape somebody with higher intelligence who is more conditioned by conformity. He only worked part-time, but was a diligent employee. The other catering staff spoke highly of him. He lived with his mother and father who loved him dearly. Martin had Down's syndrome, a condition which affects some sixty thousand people in Britain. It is caused by an extra chromosome being produced in the genome at conception. Babies born with Down's syndrome suffer numerous mental and physical handicaps such as deformed hands and feet, problems with their heart, lungs and digestive system, and vision or hearing difficulties. The condition is incurable and there is no way to prevent it. It is not hereditary, in other words it doesn't run in families. It emerges in the same proportions across all racial and cultural groups. It strikes randomly and the only risk factor appears to be the age of the parents, especially the mother. A mother who bears a child at the end of her reproductive life, her late forties or early fifties, has a three percent chance of the baby being Down's; yet with a twenty year old mother that statistic is only 0.05%. Down's syndrome people have always existed and they always will. Despite their health problems, with the right care, people with Down's syndrome can have a good quality of life. They usually live until late middle age.

I think my memory of speaking with Martin added to the disquiet I felt at the weekend when I spoke to a fellow delegate at the Bases at the Black Swan conference (See here for details: She and her partner have a daughter who is aged about seven and has Down's syndrome. They showed me some photos of her. She is a blonde-haired little girl who was smiling broadly for the camera. The mother clearly loves her daughter, yet she told me that if her doctor had had his way her little girl would never even have been born. There is no cure for Down's syndrome, as I said, but mothers can have tests during pregnancy that can diagnose the condition. However, if the test comes out positive the only way to prevent the mother giving birth to a Down's baby is to terminate the pregnancy. Therefore these tests are only usually taken by couples for whom termination is an option. The mother can have blood tests in the second trimester of pregnancy that can give a statistical probability of the risk of the baby being Down's, but cannot tell for sure. A mother whose result is high probability is then offered a second, far more positive but far more invasive form of screening via procedures called amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling; however this involves sticking a needle into the uterus and it carries a 0.5 to one percent change of miscarriage from the test alone. This official government webpage gives details: The fellow delegate told me that she had been called into the clinic by her obstetrician and told that the results for her quadruple test indicated a high risk of Down's syndrome. What surprised her was that at no point was she told by her midwife that she was even being given the quadruple test in the first place. The midwife had take blood samples from the delegate, but she never once asked if the delegate consented to the quadruple test. Interestingly, the midwife in the video on the government webpage above says that secondary tests, the amniocentesis and CVS, would be done after "counselling and proper consent". Does this mean that primary testing does not require proper consent? The obstetrician said as much to the fellow delegate. He told her that all patients in NHS maternity services are automatically screened for Down's syndrome hormonal markers as a matter of routine. This is not what the above webpage says; in fact it states: "You do not need to have this screening test; it is your choice whether or not to have it. Some people want to find out the chance of their baby having these conditions, and some do not." The doctor then went on to recommend amniocentesis or CVS to the fellow delegate and told her that if it came out positive then she would be offered a termination. The doctor suggested this immediately, while his patient was still reeling from the worrying news of the test result. He never gave her the opportunity to recover and think it over. The fellow delegate was not happy about this yet the doctor persisted. Pretty soon it became clear that the words "recommend" and "offered" were to be interpreted in their broadest possible sense. The more she argued the more insistent the doctor became. He started warning her about the difficulties of raising a Down's syndrome child, the health problems the child would inevitably suffer, the stress that being a mother to the child would have on her own mental health and the risk of her marriage breaking up as a result etc. This was obviously a tactic to make her feel guilty. Strangely she was never asked if she would be willing to give birth to the baby and have it adopted out; this used to be an option when I started out in portering. My fellow delegate was not persuaded and began to resent the doctor's tone. She told him she wanted to go home, but the doctor replied that he wished to "continue the consultation." It was literally almost a foot-in-the-door situation. He kept talking to her on the way out, becoming almost manic in his resolve. Luckily the fellow delegate was made of stern enough stuff to resist him. This brought back a memory of a conversation I had with a patient once during the early years when I served in maternity. I've often found patients will confide in porters in a way they will not with their doctors and nurses; therefore a hospital porter often picks up some amazing stories. This post-natal patient and her husband had been in a very similar situation to my fellow delegate, although this was in the early 1990's. She had given the baby up for adoption and her sister and brother-in-law, who could not have children of their own, were now the baby's legal parents. However her midwives and obstetrician were "not happy" with her decision and tried to talk her out of it in the same way they had my fellow delegate. Again there was this pressure goading and cajoling her into having a termination. The NHS webpage above says nothing about this kind of practice.
It makes me wonder if the British government has a covert agenda that is similar to "Aktion T4". This was a programme that ran in Germany from 1938 to 1941 in which people in sanatoria who were deemed "incurably sick" were given what the Nazi regime called Gnadentod. German is a difficult language to translate into English, but this basically means "mercy killing". Over seventy thousand people were murdered, mostly children, on official orders from the governmental "Committee for the Scientific Registering of Serious Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses". This was done in secret to prevent mass resistance, but at the same time Paul Goebbels' propaganda ministry released messages in the media to try and alter public opinion. The above poster says: "60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the people's community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too!" Some of these extermination centres still exist today and are preserved as museums. They have cellars where people would be locked inside and made to breathe poison gas... Of course we're far more civilized in modern Britain; the programme is refined, clinical and carried out in NHS hospitals by fatherly doctors and smiling nurses. This is a part of what is known as "eugenics", see background links below for more detail. Although, as I said, Down's syndrome is not hereditary; it is an inevitable part of human reproduction. So why is there this imperative from the authorities to eliminate people with it? Some readers might not have a problem with the screening process if you accept that abortion can be ethical. I do not; I am staunchly pro-life, see:; but even if you disagree with me about abortion in general, I'd be surprised if you are not also disturbed by the formula of subjecting pregnant mothers, who are already vulnerable and malleable due to the shock of the test results, to indoctrination like this. If what we are witnessing here is a covert extermination agenda, it might be because Down's syndrome people have an effect on society that is detrimental, from the point of view of the elite. Down's people can be very amiable and loving. They are doting towards their parents, other family members and pets etc. As I found out from my discussions on the bus with Martin, they can be very perceptive and wise. A married couple who are both Down's recently celebrated their twenty-second wedding anniversary, see: This Down's man, Robby Hail, is an ace American football player whose career mirrors Adam Sandler's character in the comedy film The Waterboy: I'm not a fan of the sport, but I still respect his achievement. Many Down's people have jobs and are highly productive. They go to special colleges and learn skills. There are even actors and musicians who have Down's syndrome. These stories warm people's hearts in a very special way. Could Down's youths be "star children" of the kind Mary Rodwell talks about, see: Maybe it is this very positive energy that Down's people can bring to the world that is such a threat to the future society envisaged by the malevolent elite. They need to weed them out as soon as they pop up. I find the notion that people with Down's syndrome are somehow unworthy of life utterly obscene. However, that is the direction the healthcare system appears to be moving in. How long will it be before the antenatal tests for Down's will be compulsory, as will termination in the event of a positive test? Down's will just be the start. My mother had rubella when she was carrying me and the doctor's told her I might be retarded. Luckily I wasn't, but would I be killed before birth if I had been conceived in this new eugenic utopia? We need to put a stop to the Down's syndrome termination agenda now.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Richard Dawkins Banned Again

Richard Dawkins has blundered into controversy again. Through no fault of his own, his naive staggering pathway has once more led him into a collision with twenty-teens social realpolitik. This is not the first time he has inadvertently stirred up a hornets' nest and in the background links I relate some other examples. He was banned from the NorthEast Conference on Science and Skepticism after Tweeting an anti-feminist satirical animation. He also decided to plant his flag with the most hardened Remoaners and demand Britain stays in the European Union despite the result of the Brexit referendum; otherwise he'll scream and scream until he's sick. This time it's a slightly different situation. He was due to give a live presentation at a congregational church in Berkeley, California USA hosted by KPFA Radio, a local radio station. The event was about Dawkins' new book Science in the Soul- Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist. However the hosts cancelled the event because of, once again, Dawkins' social media activities. He made some Tweets that the hosts considered Islamophobic and they said that they: "cancelled a book event with Richard Dawkins when members of our community brought our attention to Dawkins' abusive speech against Muslims... We serve a broad and diverse community, including many Muslims living under threat of persecution and violence in the current political context. Islamophobic rhetoric stokes that threat. While Mr Dawkins has every right to express his views, KPFA has every right not to sponsor and profit from an event spreading them. That is what we’ve done." Source: Dawkins denies this charge. A statement from his organization said that it was: "stunned and deeply dismayed by the cancellation of an event with Prof. Richard Dawkins... KPFA not only cancelled a standing engagement to have Richard speak on his new book... but did so without contacting him first or giving him the opportunity to respond to their unfounded allegations. The station alleged without evidence that the world renowned evolutionary biologist had engaged in 'abusive speech,' against Islam, a justification that we consider absurd... For KPFA to suddenly break its commitment to Richard and the hundreds of people who were so looking forward to seeing and hearing him is unconscionable, and the baseless accusation that Richard has engaged in ‘abusive speech’ is a betrayal of the values KPFA has, until now, been known for.... 'The idea that I have engaged in abusive speech against Islam is preposterous, which even the most rudimentary fact-checking by KPFA would have made clear,' said Prof. Dawkins. 'I have indeed strongly condemned the misogyny, homophobia, and violence of Islamism, of which Muslims, particularly Muslim women, are the prime victims. I make no apologies for denouncing those oppressive cruelties, and I will continue to do so.'" Source:

Dawkins makes it clear that there is a distinction between Islam, the ancient religion; Muslims, people who believe in it; and Islamism, the recent political movement inspired by it. He says that he used to like KPFA and was a regular listener during the two years that he lived in Berkeley. They have an admirable social conscience and they're normally good at fact checking, but this time they have refused to produce any source material or explain their actions other than with a groundless assertion. Another feature that has recurred and has clearly upset Richard Dawkins is the lack of any dialogue. KPFA made this decision unilaterally without any discussion at all with Dawkins first. The first thing he knew about it was when he received an email notifying him that he'd been cancelled. The same was done by NECSS last year, see background links. I sympathize there because the same was done to me, see: and: Most of Dawkins' atheo-skeptic colleagues have spoken out in support of their friend. Steven Pinker said that KPFA: "have handed a precious gift to the political right, who can say that left-leaning media outlets enforce mindless conformity to narrow dogma, and are no longer capable of thinking through basic intellectual distinctions." Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that KPFA's actions have simply revealed that the left-leaning media are exactly that. You won't often hear this from me: Richard Dawkins is completely right. This is censorship by politically correct cowards who are so scared of offending people that they hardly dare breathe. Why should Islam be ring-fenced from criticism? The answer I would give is very different to the one Dawkins would or even the anti-SJW community in general; it is the role Islam has been manipulated to play in contemporary geopolitics, see here for more details: Nevertheless the free speech issue is the same from all our positions. I hope that KPFA will reconsider and rescind in the same way NECSS did last year. They will if they've got any awareness of their public image and they wish to avoid a good public shaming. They deserve every word of what people have said about them.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Roswell 70 T-Shirts- Still on Sale

Tino has decided to put up the remaining Roswell 70 T-shirts on private sale. There are still a dozen or so left following the Roswell 70 event a fortnight ago, see background links for details. They are available in medium, large and extra-large. The XXL ones sold out. The original design had to be changed slightly to remove the coloured graphic on the back image. It now says in just plain text: "HPANWO- Hospital Porters Against the New World Order". If you would like one, please email me at: and I'll arrange payment and shipment for you. They are £10 plus postage and packing. These T-shirts are a unique souvenir of an historical anniversary that will never happen again. After they are sold out this time no more will be produced; so grab them while you can!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Female Doctor Who- No Objections Allowed

This article is a follow-up to this HPANWO TV on video I made: It is now forty-eight hours since we learnt that the next Doctor will be a woman, the actress (I insist on using that un-PC word) Jodie Whittacker. Since I made that video the response from those in favour of the Doctor Who producers' choice has been very clear: there is no recourse at all for anybody who disagrees. The headline in the Mirror: "BBC faces Sexist backlash..." is a classic and on social media there have been truly sadistic and vainglorious gloating posts which go along the lines of: "Suck it up, man-babies!" and "Enjoying watching men having tantrums!" with the reply: "And I'm bathing in their male tears!" Ironically these are the same people who a year ago were behaving like babies themselves over Brexit. Sargon of Akkad has lived up to his usual standards in getting to drips with this crisis: The Gah-ridian is predictably jumping for joy, see: Why has it taken so long to get here? Because of sexists and man-babies; why do you think?... We who dislike this eventuality are being told in no uncertain terms that we have no place in the dialogue. We can be happy about having a female Doctor or we are #BadPeople; those are the only two choices. Stefan Molyneux said something very interesting on a recent call-in show near the end. He says: "If you want to know who the livestock are, which group are not allowed to get angry?" The answer is of course, white heterosexual males, see: The Doctor issue is only one part of a larger more strategic trend that involves the removal of WHM people from society. Every genocide begins this way: visual exclusion only, omission from the media, positions of office and public spaces. It never involves cattle trucks and ovens on day-one. Why is this happening? Is it because the presence of WHM's in the world is somehow fundamentally inimical to the New World Order? Possibly, but if so I have no idea why. The Illuminati alone must know that. Also, from what I have seen the Illuminati are attacking other races and groups as well in different ways. The most likely answer is that the war on WHM's, although a real thing, has an ulterior motive that works to the equal detriment of non-WHM's too. In fact when you look at it deep down, who is really suffering the most here? As Molyneux points out in the same show, feminists are some of the most miserable people in the Western world. The reaction they have shown to the casting of Jodie Whittacker is not that of people who are happy. The only joy they are feeling is the hateful glee at what they perceive as the destitution of their enemies. In the background links I explain in more detail about how cultural Marxism is a psychological weapon designed to attack us all, men and women, black and white, gay and straight.

As Sargon and his panel explain, there are far fewer WHM people weeping with despair than they would like. The opposition has struck back with some amusing memes. One shows the TARDIS embedded in the wall of a building with the caption: "Women drivers". I myself posted, purely in jest, that I was making the central protagonist in Roswell Revealed a man and changing her name from Siobhan to "Simon", see: A few people have quipped that Miss Marple should become "Mr Marple"! The point being, as I detail in the background film, that I would hate to see characters I am used to being women changed into men just as much. I would also despise any remake of Eddie Murphy's movies in which a white man played his role. The new Doctor Who is going to be a total flop; its viewing figures are going to plummet. Conceptual fiction tends to be very bad fiction and when it is left-wing and/or feminist it is even worse. The BBC will still carry on making the series though; it will be hyped beyond anything we've ever seen before. Mzzzzzzz Whittacker will eventual regenerate into another woman. The reason for this is because their motive is purely political not artistic. Also they know the BBC is a public bureaucracy that is bankrolled by the state. They're not answerable to advertizers; they get their licence fee no matter what they do (Although not for much longer, see: They also know that not one mainstream critic will dare to give the new series a bad review because of the fear of being labelled a "misogynist!" This was a dirty trick used by the writers of Get Out, see: You can never convince a true zealot, but I can address those who are unsure. Do you like being told you have to agree or else you're a "man-baby"? Do you like being thought of as "EEEEEEEvil!"? Does it make you feel better to hate thirty-five percent* of the entire population; or if you are one of those thirty-five percent, does it feel good to hate yourself? A female Doctor Who is such a blatant aberration of natural standards that it may be that the manipulators have overplayed their hand this time. I hope so.
(*It is impossible to know for sure what proportion of people are truly WHM because there is a sliding scale of bisexuality. 35% is an estimate.)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

36 Arguments for the Existence of God

I read this book is a series of rushes over six months because of other things I was doing. This meant I had to recap when I began each reading. 36 Arguments for the Existence of God is a philosophical novel by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and it references a lot of her own upbringing. She is an atheist, but was born into an orthodox Jewish family and her brother is a rabbi. The story is divided into thirty-six chapters in an almost Wilsonian manner, except that in RAW's case it was the number twenty-three. Each chapter is called "Argument from..." with a qualifier such as "Argument from Dappled Things", "Argument from Prime Numbers" etc. The story centres around an academic psychologist called Cass Seltzer, a man who has written a highly successful book that has become a "new atheist" classic, in a similar way to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, see: This has made him hot property in the media. He is always on TV and radio shows debating with religious believers; the "God vs no God" format that has become such a common popular meme. The plot then intersperses with flashbacks of his younger life when he was a student under an eccentric professor called Jonas Elijah Klapper who is a "spiritual-but-not-religious" person and is an expert on all religions and mythologies. Cass is from a hardline closed Jewish community which is incredibly strict, almost a Jewish equivalent of the Amish, but he is dating a girl called Roz who is a Reform Jew and an agnostic. They pay a visit to the community and come across a small boy who is a mathematical prodigy. The problem is that the boy is also the son of the Valdemare Rebbe, the leader of this very traditional Jewish society. It's a world in which people wear the same clothes, eat only kosher food and on the Sabbath, from every Friday evening until sunrise on Sunday morning, will not even wipe their bottoms after going to the toilet because that counts as work which is forbidden. As the boy grows up he has to choose between his predestined role to be the spiritual ruler of his people or to leave and study maths at a university, which is his passion. What's interesting is that Prof. Klapper has an almost cultic hold over his small group of students. One of the characters is an older man who befriends Cass who has been a postgraduate student of Klapper's for over a decade. He simply can't break away and leave his classes. Cass succeeds in doing so and becomes an atheist. There is a lot of humour in the book, especially around the idiosyncrasies of Prof. Klapper. Some of the characters are annoying, such as Cass' girlfriend in later life who is a rather obnoxious feminist called Lucinda Mandelbaum. She is a master mathematician who is known as the "Goddess of Game Theory", but still sees herself as a deprived victim, despite her success, simply because she is a "woman!"; and therefore she feels justified in mistreating her male colleagues. The story ends with a description of a "God vs no God" debate that is very vivid and strikes a bell for anybody, like me, who enjoys watching this ultimate verbal spectator sport. The appendix of the novel actually contains the famous three dozen real philosophical arguments for the existence of God and their rebuttals, see: Although of course anybody who follows this controversy will know that the rebuttals themselves have counter-rebuttals, counter-counter rebuttals and counter-counter-counter rebuttals ad infinitum. Does God exist or not? People have been arguing about this question throughout all of history, so if you expect a single paperback book to provide a final answer, you'll be disappointed. It was interesting to read about the atheist vs believer mindset from a Jewish perspective. Judaism has a far older and richer tradition in discussions like this than Christianity or Islam does. It is cleverly written and the author has a well-developed and amusing style that I can appreciate as a fellow fiction writer. Here are two videos of the author: and: The book can be purchased here: An interesting bit of trivia is that Rebecca Newberger Goldstein is married to Stephen Pinker, another famous atheo-skeptic pop-philosopher, see:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 18

Sacha Christie has published a new article for the first time in over three weeks. It simply reproduces a statement by Steve LaPlume, a former colleague of Larry Warren's in the 81st Security Police Squadron, and then Larry's response to it. Her only commentary is to wish Steve LaPlume luck and invite readers to put a caption on Larry's reply, presumably a deprecating one, see: LaPlume came up in Part 16 of this series where Peter Robbins claimed that Larry misquoted him in the research for Left at East Gate.

Larry has appeared on two programmes of the Top Secret News radio show.
These are some of the best programmes ever about the Larry Warren controversy. One strange new accusation made against Larry is that he wrote graffiti on the "lemon squeezer", a sculpture erected in a clearing in Rendlesham Forest by the Forestry Commission as part of their "UFO Trail", see here for more details: The accusation came from the above photo taken during the highly successful camping holiday with the Birmingham UFO Group that I talk about in the previous article. You can clearly see Larry posing next to the sculpture and the words: "Jimi Hendrix- only $30,000" are scrawled on the artwork. However, as Larry explains, there is no evidence that Larry himself actually defaced the sculpture. Also the damage appears to have been carried out using pink lipstick. Larry's fashion consciousness tends to lean towards motorcycle-themed T-shirts and leather or denim jackets. If Larry owns any pink lipstick then this is an element of his life he has kept private from his friends... and I shall say no more because I do not wish to pry. What's more, does lipstick graffiti really count as vandalism? It is very easy to wash off and in fact will fade of its own accord before long; indeed, immediately if it rains. The first show includes an interview with Joe Montaldo, the person who carried out the voice-stress analysis study on Larry which Larry passed. This is the next best thing to the polygraph and Larry has challenged anybody to subject him to a polygraph test. In the second programme Larry is joined by Gary Heseltine. Gary has been doing a lot of essential research behind the scenes and he speaks openly for the first time about this subject here. I highly recommend both these shows.
See here for the next part: (coming soon)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 23

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: Are NASA about to announce life on Mars?, children enslaved on Mars, breaking news about an alien mummy in Peru and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show: