Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Female Doctor Who- No Objections Allowed

This article is a follow-up to this HPANWO TV on Vid.me video I made: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/female-doctor-who.html. It is now forty-eight hours since we learnt that the next Doctor will be a woman, the actress (I insist on using that un-PC word) Jodie Whittacker. Since I made that video the response from those in favour of the Doctor Who producers' choice has been very clear: there is no recourse at all for anybody who disagrees. The headline in the Mirror: "BBC faces Sexist backlash..." is a classic and on social media there have been truly sadistic and vainglorious gloating posts which go along the lines of: "Suck it up, man-babies!" and "Enjoying watching men having tantrums!" with the reply: "And I'm bathing in their male tears!" Ironically these are the same people who a year ago were behaving like babies themselves over Brexit. Sargon of Akkad has lived up to his usual standards in getting to drips with this crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGObpJWv4x4. The Gah-ridian is predictably jumping for joy, see: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/jul/17/female-doctor-revolutionary-feminist-ideal-we-need-doctor-who. Why has it taken so long to get here? Because of sexists and man-babies; why do you think?... We who dislike this eventuality are being told in no uncertain terms that we have no place in the dialogue. We can be happy about having a female Doctor or we are #BadPeople; those are the only two choices. Stefan Molyneux said something very interesting on a recent call-in show near the end. He says: "If you want to know who the livestock are, which group are not allowed to get angry?" The answer is of course, white heterosexual males, see: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneux/fdr-3736-the-biggest-mistake-of-my-life-call-in-show-july-5th-2017#t=3:22:21. The Doctor issue is only one part of a larger more strategic trend that involves the removal of WHM people from society. Every genocide begins this way: visual exclusion only, omission from the media, positions of office and public spaces. It never involves cattle trucks and ovens on day-one. Why is this happening? Is it because the presence of WHM's in the world is somehow fundamentally inimical to the New World Order? Possibly, but if so I have no idea why. The Illuminati alone must know that. Also, from what I have seen the Illuminati are attacking other races and groups as well in different ways. The most likely answer is that the war on WHM's, although a real thing, has an ulterior motive that works to the equal detriment of non-WHM's too. In fact when you look at it deep down, who is really suffering the most here? As Molyneux points out in the same show, feminists are some of the most miserable people in the Western world. The reaction they have shown to the casting of Jodie Whittacker is not that of people who are happy. The only joy they are feeling is the hateful glee at what they perceive as the destitution of their enemies. In the background links I explain in more detail about how cultural Marxism is a psychological weapon designed to attack us all, men and women, black and white, gay and straight.

As Sargon and his panel explain, there are far fewer WHM people weeping with despair than they would like. The opposition has struck back with some amusing memes. One shows the TARDIS embedded in the wall of a building with the caption: "Women drivers". I myself posted, purely in jest, that I was making the central protagonist in Roswell Revealed a man and changing her name from Siobhan to "Simon", see: http://hpanwo-bb.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/roswell-revealed-update.html. A few people have quipped that Miss Marple should become "Mr Marple"! The point being, as I detail in the background Vid.me film, that I would hate to see characters I am used to being women changed into men just as much. I would also despise any remake of Eddie Murphy's movies in which a white man played his role. The new Doctor Who is going to be a total flop; its viewing figures are going to plummet. Conceptual fiction tends to be very bad fiction and when it is left-wing and/or feminist it is even worse. The BBC will still carry on making the series though; it will be hyped beyond anything we've ever seen before. Mzzzzzzz Whittacker will eventual regenerate into another woman. The reason for this is because their motive is purely political not artistic. Also they know the BBC is a public bureaucracy that is bankrolled by the state. They're not answerable to advertizers; they get their licence fee no matter what they do (Although not for much longer, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/the-tv-licence-is-dead.html). They also know that not one mainstream critic will dare to give the new series a bad review because of the fear of being labelled a "misogynist!" This was a dirty trick used by the writers of Get Out, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/get-out-film-review.html. You can never convince a true zealot, but I can address those who are unsure. Do you like being told you have to agree or else you're a "man-baby"? Do you like being thought of as "EEEEEEEvil!"? Does it make you feel better to hate thirty-five percent* of the entire population; or if you are one of those thirty-five percent, does it feel good to hate yourself? A female Doctor Who is such a blatant aberration of natural standards that it may be that the manipulators have overplayed their hand this time. I hope so.
(*It is impossible to know for sure what proportion of people are truly WHM because there is a sliding scale of bisexuality. 35% is an estimate.)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

36 Arguments for the Existence of God

I read this book is a series of rushes over six months because of other things I was doing. This meant I had to recap when I began each reading. 36 Arguments for the Existence of God is a philosophical novel by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and it references a lot of her own upbringing. She is an atheist, but was born into an orthodox Jewish family and her brother is a rabbi. The story is divided into thirty-six chapters in an almost Wilsonian manner, except that in RAW's case it was the number twenty-three. Each chapter is called "Argument from..." with a qualifier such as "Argument from Dappled Things", "Argument from Prime Numbers" etc. The story centres around an academic psychologist called Cass Seltzer, a man who has written a highly successful book that has become a "new atheist" classic, in a similar way to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2008/04/god-delusion-by-richard-dawkins.html. This has made him hot property in the media. He is always on TV and radio shows debating with religious believers; the "God vs no God" format that has become such a common popular meme. The plot then intersperses with flashbacks of his younger life when he was a student under an eccentric professor called Jonas Elijah Klapper who is a "spiritual-but-not-religious" person and is an expert on all religions and mythologies. Cass is from a hardline closed Jewish community which is incredibly strict, almost a Jewish equivalent of the Amish, but he is dating a girl called Roz who is a Reform Jew and an agnostic. They pay a visit to the community and come across a small boy who is a mathematical prodigy. The problem is that the boy is also the son of the Valdemare Rebbe, the leader of this very traditional Jewish society. It's a world in which people wear the same clothes, eat only kosher food and on the Sabbath, from every Friday evening until sunrise on Sunday morning, will not even wipe their bottoms after going to the toilet because that counts as work which is forbidden. As the boy grows up he has to choose between his predestined role to be the spiritual ruler of his people or to leave and study maths at a university, which is his passion. What's interesting is that Prof. Klapper has an almost cultic hold over his small group of students. One of the characters is an older man who befriends Cass who has been a postgraduate student of Klapper's for over a decade. He simply can't break away and leave his classes. Cass succeeds in doing so and becomes an atheist. There is a lot of humour in the book, especially around the idiosyncrasies of Prof. Klapper. Some of the characters are annoying, such as Cass' girlfriend in later life who is a rather obnoxious feminist called Lucinda Mandelbaum. She is a master mathematician who is known as the "Goddess of Game Theory", but still sees herself as a deprived victim, despite her success, simply because she is a "woman!"; and therefore she feels justified in mistreating her male colleagues. The story ends with a description of a "God vs no God" debate that is very vivid and strikes a bell for anybody, like me, who enjoys watching this ultimate verbal spectator sport. The appendix of the novel actually contains the famous three dozen real philosophical arguments for the existence of God and their rebuttals, see: http://www.randomhouse.com/pantheon/authors/goldstein/36%20Arguments.pdf. Although of course anybody who follows this controversy will know that the rebuttals themselves have counter-rebuttals, counter-counter rebuttals and counter-counter-counter rebuttals ad infinitum. Does God exist or not? People have been arguing about this question throughout all of history, so if you expect a single paperback book to provide a final answer, you'll be disappointed. It was interesting to read about the atheist vs believer mindset from a Jewish perspective. Judaism has a far older and richer tradition in discussions like this than Christianity or Islam does. It is cleverly written and the author has a well-developed and amusing style that I can appreciate as a fellow fiction writer. Here are two videos of the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-yQbm0kc1o and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zsHR8bIGyk. The book can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/36-Arguments-Existence-God-Fiction/dp/1848871554. An interesting bit of trivia is that Rebecca Newberger Goldstein is married to Stephen Pinker, another famous atheo-skeptic pop-philosopher, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBpetDxIEMU.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 18

Sacha Christie has published a new article for the first time in over three weeks. It simply reproduces a statement by Steve LaPlume, a former colleague of Larry Warren's in the 81st Security Police Squadron, and then Larry's response to it. Her only commentary is to wish Steve LaPlume luck and invite readers to put a caption on Larry's reply, presumably a deprecating one, see: http://sacha-christie-infomaniachousewife.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/steve-laplume-issues-statement-his-time.html. LaPlume came up in Part 16 of this series where Peter Robbins claimed that Larry misquoted him in the research for Left at East Gate.

Larry has appeared on two programmes of the Top Secret News radio show.
These are some of the best programmes ever about the Larry Warren controversy. One strange new accusation made against Larry is that he wrote graffiti on the "lemon squeezer", a sculpture erected in a clearing in Rendlesham Forest by the Forestry Commission as part of their "UFO Trail", see here for more details: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/rendlesham-forest-ufo-sculpture.html. The accusation came from the above photo taken during the highly successful camping holiday with the Birmingham UFO Group that I talk about in the previous article. You can clearly see Larry posing next to the sculpture and the words: "Jimi Hendrix- only $30,000" are scrawled on the artwork. However, as Larry explains, there is no evidence that Larry himself actually defaced the sculpture. Also the damage appears to have been carried out using pink lipstick. Larry's fashion consciousness tends to lean towards motorcycle-themed T-shirts and leather or denim jackets. If Larry owns any pink lipstick then this is an element of his life he has kept private from his friends... and I shall say no more because I do not wish to pry. What's more, does lipstick graffiti really count as vandalism? It is very easy to wash off and in fact will fade of its own accord before long; indeed, immediately if it rains. The first show includes an interview with Joe Montaldo, the person who carried out the voice-stress analysis study on Larry which Larry passed. This is the next best thing to the polygraph and Larry has challenged anybody to subject him to a polygraph test. In the second programme Larry is joined by Gary Heseltine. Gary has been doing a lot of essential research behind the scenes and he speaks openly for the first time about this subject here. I highly recommend both these shows.
See here for the next part: (coming soon)
And: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/truth-mobbed-again.html.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 23

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/the-kev-baker-show-73463/.
And here for the illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: Are NASA about to announce life on Mars?, children enslaved on Mars, breaking news about an alien mummy in Peru and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/ben-emlyn-jones-on-kev-baker-show-22.html.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wiltshire Police on Crop Circles

The Wiltshire Police force has released an official statement about crop circles. It is quite rare for state authorities even to mention crop circles:

"With summer well and truly underway we have seen an increase of crop circles appearing across the county. They might seem harmless but they actually have a huge negative impact on the hardworking landowners and farmers whose crops are damaged. Creating a crop circle is CRIMINAL DAMAGE and an offence.
The damage caused means a loss in revenue to the farmer and landowner. They also have to deal with civil trespass issues on their land after a crop circle has been created when members of the public come without permission, to view the circle. It has also been known for individuals to pose as part of a charity or as the landowner at the site of crop circles and attempt to take 'donations' from people viewing the crop circle.
We urge all farmers and landowners if they have had a crop circle on their land to report it to us on 101 so it can be recorded. Often after a crop circle appears, individuals will arrive with a drone to photograph it. Take note of any vehicles, their registration plates, and any individuals and pass this information to the police.
If a circle is created on your land make sure you tell the crop circle community if you decide to allow/ not allow access to the general public, and if you intend to cut the circle out. This should reduce unwanted visitors.
There are 3 places to do this:
We also ask the public to help support our rural communities by reporting any suspicious vehicles, behaviour or people in crop fields to police on 101 they may be attempting to create a crop circle and committing criminal damage. If you can see a crop circle creation in progress, call police on 999.

Matthew Williams, the well-known UFOlogist, was once arrested for trespass and criminal damage. He is the only person so far to have been successfully prosecuted for crop circle-making, a fact he wears on his sleeve with enormous pride, see: https://www.youtube.com/user/truthseekers666. (He is a scathing critic of my technical film-making methods too, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGVzOiyM6gU) The police statement mentions drones and that probably refers directly to Matt who has a drone which he uses to film crop circles although there is no proof that this necessarily means that the circles are the work of Matt's own team. Some of his visuals are spectacular and he filmed the title sequence for Sandra Daroy's Awakening of 12 Strands, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/at-awakening-of-12-strands-premiere.html. The obvious omission from the police report is the paranormal and UFO element to the crop circle phenomenon. They make the assumption that crop circles are all made by people using conventional circle-making methods, wooden planks and tape measures etc. This is not the case and in the background links I explain why. I also recommend Richard D Hall's documentary Crop Circles- the Hidden Truth, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9J_to9tbCE. The police say that if we see a crop circle creation in progress we should call 999. The problem is, in some cases the police will need more than a squad car to catch the culprits. A space rocket might be a more effective start.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Swansea UFO Network 3

I will be speaking again at a meeting of the Swansea UFO Network on Tuesday the 27th of February 2018. The event starts at 8 PM and the venue is The New Lodge, Alexandra Road, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4-4PE, Wales. See here for more details: http://www.sufon.co.uk/index.php?page=14.
My lecture will be entitled: The Nottinghamshire Roswell. The Roswell Incident is not the only one of its kind; in fact events like it happen regularly all over the world. In the UK a strange occurrence took place in Nottinghamshire in November 1987. Could we be looking at the "Nottinghamshire Roswell"? See here for details of my previous appearance at SUFON: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/swansea-ufo-network-video-2.html.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones at AwakeCon

I will be speaking at the upcoming AwakeCon event organized by my friend and fellow researcher Tajinder Gill. This has been rescheduled and expanded into a two-day event with additional speakers after being previously postponed, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/ben-emlyn-jones-at-awakecon.html.
Along with myself and most of the speakers previously booked you can see talks by David Shayler, Cathi Morgan, Andrew Johnson, Christine Hart and Carl James.
The event will be held on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of November. Tickets cost £50 for the whole weekend, a very reasonable price; or £28 for a single day. The venue is in a charming little English village: Medstead Village Hall, Roe Downs Road, Medstead, Hampshire, GU34 5LG. See here for details: http://www.awakecon.com/home.html.
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Tajinder about the event: (coming soon)
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Tajinder and Sarah Adams: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/programme-228-podcast-tajinder-gill-and.html.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Happy World Disclosure Day 2017!

July the 8th is World ET Disclosure Day, and was awarded that status by the Paradigm Research Group in 2010. This is because it was on July the 8th 1947 that General Roger Ramey held a press conference in his office in Fort Worth, Texas USA where he put on display some wooden sticks and some loose, crumpled pieces of aluminium foil and told the world's media that this is what Major Jesse Marcel, chief intelligence officer of the Roswell Army Air Force Base, had mistaken for a UFO. He was lying. Today, seventy years later, the Government are still lying. Many believe that this is the day that the decision was made to institute what Stephen Bassett calls the "Truth Embargo." Reporters were descending like locusts on Fort Worth and New Mexico and the Government was considering whether to continue with the original "Flying Disk" story, and so come clean that UFO's exist, or to cover it up; they opted for the latter. On the day Disclosure happens that will become World Disclosure Day, but until then it is July the 8th. This year it is special because it is the seventieth anniversary and I've organized an event in Oxford to mark it, the only one of its kind in Britain, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/roswell-70.html.

Friday, 7 July 2017

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 25

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 25 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see: http://www.ufotruthmagazine.co.uk/subscriptions-shop/.
Issue 24 includes an article in my column, a review of the new book UFO's Today- 70 Years of Lies, Disinformation, and Government Cover-Up by Dr Irena Scott. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with the author: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/programme-238-podcast-irena-scott.html.

Also you will find in Issue 25: seventy years since the Kenneth Arnold sighting, newly discovered British government UFO investigation, Australian UFO photographs on the beach and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/programme-233-podcast-gary-heseltine.html.
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 24: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/ufo-truth-magazine-issue-24.html.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 17

See here for essential background: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/the-larry-warren-controversy-part-16.html. In the above background link Peter Robbins makes a statement about his split from his former friend and co-author Larry Warren. The statement is mostly about personal matters, not factual issues, but it does make Peter's position fairly unequivocal. Therefore I was surprised to hear from delegates at the Roswell UFO Festival that Peter had turned up there and been given a stall in the merchandise alley. Somebody took a few photographs; and they weren't secret ones snapped from behind a corner. Peter looks quite happy to pose for them. As you can see, he is sitting there signing copies of Left at East Gate perfectly normally, cheerful as ever, as if nothing had happened. In his statement Peter never said that he was withdrawing LAEG from print. He responded to a recommendation from Nick Pope to do so by saying: "Nick Pope's suggestion that it be taken out of print because it is filled with lies enraged him (Larry Warren) and didn’t make me any too happy either... Any decision to end Left At East Gate’s twenty year-long production run has nothing to do with what Larry, or Nick, or I want. In 2005 Larry Warren and I signed a contract with Cosimo Press, a small print-on-demand publishing company in New York City... For me it has remained a point of pride to know that it remains in print. I’m sure that Larry would never dream of informing our publisher of any of the matters touched upon here, but he (the publisher) more than most people not only has a right to know what has been going on, it would be completely immoral not to do so; the unhappy job of which of course falls to me. If he, after reading this, which he most certainly will, then decides to drop the title, Larry will only have himself to blame for it." After reading these words I find it baffling that Peter would ask for, or accept if it was offered to him, a book-signing at the Roswell UFO Festival. If Peter has decided to keep the book on sale then naturally I would expect it to remain available from the publisher, bookshops and on sales databases. Peter doesn't discuss details of the contract, but he might need the publisher's explicit permission to recall the title. The publisher might decide to keep it on the market against the author's will, or at least sell off any remaining copies already printed for the retail arena. Nevertheless, surely no publisher can demand that Peter continue to promote the book personally by hosting book-signings at conferences; the decision to do that must have been Peter's alone. Why would he do that when just a few weeks earlier he had written a piece denouncing his co-author and, as a result, repudiating most of the information in LAEG? What's more, based on these photographs, he appears to be signing the books enthusiastically. It's impossible to know Peter's motives for sure, but this smacks of indecision and uncertainty. His behaviour is totally contrary to his professed opinions. This must raise the obvious question: If Peter is so unsure about his position then it calls into question his entire statement. How can he expect anybody to take it seriously again after this?
I must pay homage to Dave Hodrien, chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group. Dave is a good friend and fellow researcher; and I'm even more proud to say that than usual after he spoke openly about Larry's detractors' position with plenty of necessary sceptcism with a C. He went camping in Rendlesham Forest to celebrate ten years of BUFOG and Larry, Heidi, Tino and many others went along too. I regret not being able to attend myself. As a result of his statements Dave has been predictably attacked by the anti-Larry Warren mob on a personal level. This was made worse by his prominence in the UFOlogy community. Nevertheless he has stood his ground, therefore displaying considerable courage. He even attempted to debate with them, but of course he was not given a fair hearing; see here for my recent HPANWO Radio interview with Dave: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/programme-231-podcast-dave-hodrien.html. I hope he will set an example to others. There are a lot of people who know the truth and are afraid to speak out because of the anti-Larry Warren terror campaign. At the recent UFO Truth Magazine Southern Conference 2017, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/ufo-truth-magazine-southern-conference.html, I spoke to a friend of mine who has so far publicly vacillated over the matter. I said to him: "This thing against Larry Warren; it's bullshit. It's all bullshit. Totally! From start to finish." He responded by replying without any hesitation or doubt: "I know, Ben." If he knows, then I urge him to say so out loud. He is not alone and there are a growing number of people who will stand by him.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Child Slavery on Mars

Alex Jones has made an attempt to go back to his roots, but he ended up digging much deeper. Alex Jones was one of the media pioneers of the conspirasphere when he launched his Infowars radio and TV network in the 1990's. His broadcasting style of brashly shouting has become his trademark. He protested against the Bilderberg Group, against the cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing and Bohemian Grove. He has subjected various people in power to "bullhorning"; this is where he would turn up outside their home or office and yell angrily at them through a megaphone. Since about 2012 his views have changed. He has returned to a more conventional political focus and has become one of the stars of the emergent "Alt-right" phenomenon. He has declared his support for President Donald Trump and even interviewed him on his show. As a result he's been predictably labelled a "fascist!" and a purveyor of "fake news!" Even when he was a conspiracy theorist, Jones made an effort not to be associated with what he considers the most extreme elements in the movement such as those dealing with UFO's, reptilians and the supernatural, believing that they repel the public from real issues. This led him into conflict with many people such as David Icke, see: https://youtu.be/P2ypYcZ7qfw?t=10m15s.

Last Thursday Alex Jones did a programme on the harrowing subject of organized paedophilia where he interviewed Robert David Steele, a former intelligence officer with the CIA. Steele tells Alex that not only do the elite harvest body parts and chemicals from children's corpses, but that they take the children into space. He said: "This may strike your listeners as way out, but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars. It is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a twenty year ride so that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony." Alex was obviously alarmed about what Steele had just said because of how it might affect his reputation on the Alt-right and internet media scene. He interrupts Steele and changes the subject; he says: "I know ninety percent of the NASA missions are secret... but then it goes off into all that and that's the kind of thing the media jumps on." Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9cgm1B7Rew. The media did indeed jump on it, for example see: https://www.space.com/37366-mars-slave-colony-alex-jones.html. Sargon of Akkad, aka the YouTube presenter Carl Benjamin, has also made a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QubElC37Jzc. The most astonishing development from this is that NASA made an official response. A spokesman for the American space agency called Guy Webster, who is a real expert of theirs, told The Daily Beast: "There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumour going around last week that there weren't. There are... But there are no humans... There's only one stupid rumour on the Internet?" Why on earth would NASA even think of commenting on this matter? It took them thirty years even to make an effort to disprove the fake moon landing theorists, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/programme-179-podcast-marcus-allen.html. You'd think this would be way beneath them. Sargon puts this down to the influence of the new independent media, something for which I assume he himself would rejoice at. He says: "It's funny how powerful they consider Alex Jones to be though... Come on! Nobody needs to say anything about this.", see link above. However, in my view we should take Mr Steele's accusations seriously. Children do disappear, in vast numbers; that's a sad fact of life. Who is taking them and where do they go? We should also take seriously the presence of a secret space programme that has been far more successful than the one publicly admitted. The public space programme has sent rockets into low earth orbit while the secret space programme has been using advanced technology such as free energy and antigravity propulsion. I have good reason to think that there are in fact human bases on Mars and other heavenly bodies. See the background links below for more details. Combine these two notions and the accusations by Robert David Steele are perfectly feasible. If the shadow government really is kidnapping children and sending them to be slaves in outer space colonies then don't the people deserve to know? Doesn't this need to be exposed so the children can be set free and brought home?
See here for accompanying HPANWO TV video: https://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/child-slavery-on-mars.html.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on THA Talks 2

I have been interviewed on THA Talks, a podcast presented by Paul Obertelli and John White, two old friends of mine from the Official David Icke Forum. Subjects discussed include the 70th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident, the feasibility of willing UFO Disclosure and transhumanism.
See here for my previous appearance on THA Talks: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ben-emlyn-jones-on-tha-podcast.html.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Independence Day: Resurgence

When the film Independence Day was released in 1996 it was hyped more than any other movie. The marketing and advertising campaign exceeded almost everything previously seen in cinema. I remember seeing children carrying "ID4" packed lunch boxes to school. This has been repeated with subsequent films by Roland Emmerich. Therefore many people, including me, felt betrayed when we actually watched it and discovered that it was a pretty lousy film. The long-unawaited sequel Independence Day: Resurgence was different because it was not promoted as much beforehand. I had no intention of taking time out to go and see it on the big screen, but last weekend when I went to the UFO Academy, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/ufo-academy-watford-2017.html, I stayed overnight at a friend's house and he played the beginning of it on Netflix. I couldn't help being intrigued by some of the storyline. I saw a DVD of the film being sold very cheaply in a charity shop so decided to pick it up and watch the rest of it. The film is set in 2016 within the scenario of the world twenty-years after the victorious war against the malevolent extraterrestrials. The people of earth have reconstructed society from the devastation seen in the first film. There have been no wars between nations because the alien invasion taught humanity to "put our petty difference behind us" and achieve world peace. This is a vision inspired by a speech given by US President Ronald Reagan, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag44dRO8LEA. The militaries of the earth have pooled their resources to create the United Nations Earth-Space Defence force that maintains a constant vigil for the possible return of the aliens. The US President is called Elizabeth Lanford, played by Sela Ward, and is a not-very-well disguised fictionalization of Hillary Clinton. Many of the characters... if you can call them that, from the first film are brought back, with the exception of Col. Steven Hiller who was played by Will Smith in the original. He is written out by being killed in a flying accident; however his son steps into his place. The tagline of the film is: "We always knew they would come back" which in itself reveals the entirety of the plot.

There is a scene in the middle of the story in which the viewer is presented with a vision of monumental global destruction. The biggest buildings being smashed into rubble, giant ships flying through the sky colliding with airliners, the land itself being rent into fragments and lacerated by huge chasms that swallow cars and lorries, monster waves overflowing from the oceans and inundating harbours. This is another textbook feature of Roland Emmerich's films and it takes place in nearly all of them. In fact in 2012 the cataclysm sequence is over forty minutes long. His films are marketed at a family audience and, putting myself in the place of a small child who watches them, I believe this to be highly traumatizing, see here for details: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/2012-rumours-of-our-deaths-have-been.html. The most interesting part of the film is that humans are now using free energy and antigravity propulsion systems back engineered from the salvaged remains of the ET spacecraft. The UN's Earth-Space Defence includes a lot of hardware that use this technology, from personal small arms to space vehicles. There is an even bigger hint dropped when we learn that the weapons the humans use to destroy the aliens a second time (Do I really need to avoid that spoiler?) are called "cold fusion bombs". Why "cold fusion"? They must surely know that cold fusion is a very real thing, and that it refers to a suppressed free energy technology campaign that took place in 1989, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/martin-fleischmann-dies.html. The notion of a future world without war sounds very appealing. Would anybody seriously not want a world without any wars? However I suspect that this ideal has been used to sugar-coat some otherwise foul-tasting agendas, from Karl Marx to Francis Fukuyama. In Independence Day: Resurgence, we see the United Nations playing a very prominent role. Some of the central characters work for the UN in various capacities; a feature we are also presented with in World War Z, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/world-war-z-more-real-zombies.html and: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/real-zombies-2015.html. In a scene early in the film we see a convoy of UN trucks driving along a road in sub-Saharan Africa. This is strange; wouldn't trucks and roads be obsolete in a world with antigravity engines? Perhaps they are showing us UN trucks because those trucks are an iconic sight that affects collective human psychology. The concept of a one-world government justified by an alien invasion, real or fake, is still one we should seriously consider despite the no-show at the London 2012 Olympics, see here for details: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/programme-9-podcast-ian-r-crane.html. Are the two Independence Day films being used to inject the archetypal notion into our minds in advance of the real thing taking place to prepare us mentally and culturally? The kindest thing I can say about Independence Day: Resurgence is that its special effects are magnificent. They are even better than the original, and those were excellent. However it is still meant to be a film and not a fireworks display. My favourite science fiction TV show is Blakes 7 which is famous for its low budget production design and homespun special effects. It had a great storyline, it was well-scripted and had great characterization and acting. The big lesson it taught sci-fi was that if you have those things then you don't need big budget special effects. Conversely, if you have a badly-written, badly-acted, shallow storyline with stereotypical characters then mind-blowing SFX will not save it. Both Independence Day films are perfect cases in point.
And: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2007/10/blakes-7.html.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Diane Abbott has Psychic Reading

My two least favourite people in the world are Prof. Brian Cox and Diane Abbott, but I do wonder whether it might be possible to discern whether one of those two is more obnoxious and insufferable than the other. That question has now been resolved. The psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker has revealed that he carried out a psychic reading with Diane Abbott when Abbott was briefly famous for being Britain's first "Black!... Woman!..." member of Parliament; fifteen minutes of fame that she has milked for her political career to a far greater extent than she deserves to. The reading was part of a TV programme called Mystic Challenge way back in 2000. Abbott, who was surprisingly attractive in those days, comes into the studio and has a brief introduction by the host. Then she retires behind a screen and the two mediums come out. Neither of them know who they are giving the reading to; or hopefully if the show has been properly parapsychologically controlled. Mr Hamilton-Parker plays the role of psychometrist; meaning he holds an object belonging to the sitter in his hand and gains information about them through it. When questioned about the reading afterwards Abbott admits that it is fairly accurate and adds: "I was taken aback as I'm a big skeptic!" Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaaViV7CjDk. This indicates a level of open-mindedness that is impressive. I doubt that Prof Brian Cox would have agreed to take part in that programme at all. Had he done so he would also have probably been very unpleasant to the mediums, calling them "nobbers!" and other epithets. Therefore I am forced to downgrade Diane Abbott to my second-least favourite person in the world. The Coxxer now sits by himself on that ignoble throne. In fact in 2000 Diane Abbott comes across as a generally more likeable person than she is today, as well as being better-looking. Perhaps seventeen years in politics has changed her for the worse; it wouldn't be the first time that has happened. I've heard of Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker before and came across them a long time ago in this TV documentary that is quite informative by mainstream media standards, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwAlbFBnutg.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Roswell 70 T-Shirts

Many thanks to Tino Megaro for his design work. These T-shirts will go on sale at the Roswell 70 event, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/roswell-70.html. The price will be £10 and they will be available in medium, large, XL and XXL. we hope to have them available after the event as well.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Anonymous on NASA Disclosure

The global hacktivist group Anonymous has made an announcement that NASA is about to declare officially that alien life exists. This has been speculated for a while. There have been many recent breakthroughs related to the presence of conditions for life on the moons of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. It's been confirmed that these moons are covered by a crust of ice, but underneath there is liquid water. There must be a major alternative source of heat to do this because the moons are too far from the sun to get any warmth from it. It's probably volcanic. At the bottom of earth's oceans there are "black smokers"; volcanoes that are oases of life. Could these moons be the same? There are also over three thousand planets now known to orbit other stars, so-called "exoplanets". Many of them are similar to earth and therefore could produce life as we know it, Jim. However the Anonymous announcement goes much further. The presenter sits at a desk like a newsreader, dressed in their trademark Guy Fawkes costume and says in a modulated voice that a spokesman for NASA had said at a recent conference that "NASA is about to discover extraterrestrial life". Overlaid is a UFO photo. The NASA spokesman continued: "Are you ready for Disclosure? Are you expecting micro-organisms on a distant moon in our solar system?" This implies something far more spectacular is waiting in the wings. This is not to downplay the significance of finding micro-organisms, but that would pale beside the news that, say, radio signals from an intelligent species had been found out in the cosmos; maybe from "Tabby's Star", see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/mysterious-star-update.html. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4637652/Anonymous-claims-NASA-verge-announcing-alien-life.html. Or could this have something to do with UFO's? Unfortunately Anonymous have made claims of imminent Disclosure before, see background links below. It still has yet to happen. As they saying goes, I'll believe it when I see it. However, an official press release stating simple single-celled organisms or even small aquatic creatures were real would not surprise me. In fact this has already happened with the "Mars Meteorite", see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Hills_84001. The success of SETI would not equal UFO Disclosure, but it would turn people's attention skyward and make them ask questions like: "If there is intelligent life out there in the universe then could they be intelligent enough to pay us a visit?... What if they already are?"

Friday, 23 June 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 22

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/the-kev-baker-show-73130/.
And here for the illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: Grenfell Tower cover-up, infiltration of UFOlogy, fake UFO evidence and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/ben-emlyn-jones-on-kev-baker-show-21.html.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Will Donald Trump be Assassinated? Part 2

Last year, before he became President of the United States, I predicted that Donald Trump would die. He would be shot, have a heart attack, crash his plane; something like that, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/will-donald-trump-be-murdered.html. This didn't happen. Why? There are several schools of thoughts, but in my view it is the "2016 Effect", see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/conspiracy-theorists-finally-proved.html. However the Empire has Struck Back. They are not going to go quietly and it is naive to think otherwise. I suspect there are preparations to make another attempt on Trump's life and the public is being prepared for the news in advance on a subliminal level. Three events, in particular, all within a week of each other, make for a sinister trend. Firstly the comedienne and TV personality Kathy Griffin posted a photograph of herself holding an effigy of a severed human head covered in blood that looked like President Trump. Apparently Trump's eleven year old son Barron was watching at the time and was horrified. This comes up on Third Rail Radio, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/third-rail-radio-programme-2.html. Secondly a play performed at the Delacorte open-air theatre in Central Park, New York City, USA also seems to be a portent on Trump's death. The play was William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, one that has traditionally been adapted into contemporary political settings. The play tells the true story of the assassination of the famous Roman emperor in 44 BC. He was stabbed to death by a large group of what he thought were his closest friends and political allies who in fact were conspiring against him. In this adaptation Caesar is made to look exactly like Donald Trump and the stage design has American flags and resembles the White House press briefing room. Calpurnia also looks exactly like the First Lady Melania Trump. Symbolically the killers are all played by a cast of women and ethnic minorities, feeding the revenge fantasies of those who believe the falsehood that Trump is some kind of fascist. In one of the performances Brutus was a black woman. The climactic murder scene is far more gruesome than in other adaptations with very graphic special effects, more than is normally used in a live stage show. At the end Caesar/Trump lies dead in a pool of his own blood with his entrails visible. This production was funded by a public arts project at the cost of 17 million dollars of taxpayer's money. The journalist Laura Loomer protested one of the shows by jumping onto the stage, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a39JswIqrHc. Thirdly there was a shooting at a baseball field on June the 14th in which a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on the players who were all Republican congressmen, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Congressional_baseball_shooting. Five people were injured, two of them seriously. If Trump does indeed end up being murdered, it must be placed on the record that this psychological preparation happened as well.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Infiltration of UFOlogy

A recent programme on the Fade to Black radio show with Jimmy Church has discussed the possibility that UFOlogy has been "infiltrated". Jimmy brings on a number of guests to talk to in a series of separate interviews in the three-hour broadcast. Unfortunately he deliberately avoids going into specific details. He refers to a period of time covering "the last three to four weeks." Individuals, organizations and entire networks have been attacked on social media. He wonders if there has been some kind of "mind control activation". However, reading between the lines, he is almost certainly referring to Peter Robbins' open letter about Larry Warren, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/the-larry-warren-controversy-part-16.html, amongst other things. His guests include the Rendlesham Forest witness John Burroughs, UFO author Mike Bara, researcher Micah Hanks and the director of MUFON Jan Harzen.
You'll find the programme disappointing if you're expecting an in-depth discussion of case studies. However there are some interesting revelations. From about 47 minutes in Lee Speigel gives some interesting information concerning government's relationship to the UFO phenomenon. In particular at 51.22 he tells us how Nick Pope was ordered by the government to "talk down" UFO reports when they came into the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk. He used "spin and dirty tricks", apparently a quote from him. This was, allegedly, in order to cover up the government's own lack of knowledge and avoid embarrassment in the public eye and save their credibility rather than to suppress their own secret knowledge of UFO's. Nick's response to this is to say it was just standard MoD policy and there is nothing to be suspicious about. He also sent me a link to an article Lee wrote on the matter: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/17/uk-releases-ufo-files_n_927351.html.

Nick Pope has been nominated more than anybody else as a possible government plant, somebody in the UFO community who is secretly working for the government to suppress information on UFO's and sabotage the efforts of those researching them; a "shill" in the parlance of the Conspirasphere. According to his official bio, Nick Pope joined the MoD in 1985, was appointed head of the UFO desk in 1991 and ran it until 1994. Due to those few years he became a celebrity by becoming the media's designated spokesman on UFO's; "Britain's Fox Mulder" as the press dubbed him. He retired in 2006 and is now a freelance journalist and author. He sometimes writes for the same journal that I do, Neon Nettle. The accusations go along the lines that Pope did not in fact retire and that his MoD job was just a cover for his real role in a very different UK state institution, one whose name also begins with the letter M. An argument has recently broken out in social media over this. Somebody has issued a challenge to find any evidence that Nick Pope really is a shill. It's a tricky situation because if Nick is in fact a shill he is hardly likely to publish his payslips. If he is not, how can he possibly prove himself innocent to everybody's satisfaction? My advice is to treat Nick Pope as you would anybody else, with caution if you don't trust him and openly if you do. It's important to strike a balance between the extremes of reckless naiveté and "shill fever", see here for details: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-shill-squad.html. I personally am wary of him for several reasons, the most recent being his support for Sacha Christie, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/the-larry-warren-controversy-part-15.html. However I have no proof he is not doing this for anything other than personal motives. Nevertheless it has to be said that there is a precedent for the kind of infiltration many of us suspect is going on right now. It involves a man in the USA who is very similar to Nick Pope. His name is Richard Doty, pictured above, and he was involved in the "Bennewitz Affair" in which he deliberately fell in with a UFO researcher in order to mislead and confuse him. This he did as part of his role for AFOSI- the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, see here for details: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/mirage-men-by-mark-pilkington.html. Doty is a former government agent, like Nick Pope; however Doty speaks openly today that he used to be an intelligence officer. Nick has made no such confession. Both men are also hot property on the UFO conference circuit and I one joked: "You can't have a UFO conference without Popey!" If UFOlogy is being infiltrated by the state authorities then why is this happening now? Is Disclosure imminent? Or is it not, yet there is the threat of it happening inadvertently? Perhaps somebody on this inside has just gone on the run with a video tape, like the Alien Interview, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/programme-196-podcast-alien-interview-20.html. Could this be why we've seen other suspicious activity, like these "new MJ-12" documents, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/new-ufo-files.html? We'll have to wait and see. What Steve Murillo of the Los Angeles UFO and Paranormal Research Society says in the Fade to Black show at 144 mins 25 secs (2.22.53 on the YouTube podcast) is interesting when it comes to Disclosure and gels with a lot of my own views.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Evidence of Past Time Travel

A group of Australian quantum physicists have made a remarkable discovery. It's been well know in popular culture for a while that in the world of subatomic particles the laws of physics are very different to the ones we observe in the superatomic material world. There are such anomalies as superposition, an object being in more than one place simultaneously; and entanglement, two objects mirroring each other's movements instantly regardless of how far away they are separated (That could be the basis of a brilliant communications device. You could talk in real-time to an alien in a distant galaxy. It would have profound implications for SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence). The double-slit is the best known of these; this clip from the film What the Bleep do We Know explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwXQjRBLwsQ. Now a new factor has been added to the mystery; time. This new experiment in Australia shows that the point when the observer effect directs the wave collapse is not at the point in time when the measurement takes place; it happens beforehand. Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/science/experiment-shows-future-events-decide-what-happens-in-the-past/article/434829#ixzz4kNHNoU11. This is incredible. It is the first ever evidence of time travel into the past. Time travel in science fiction is addressed as a singular subject when in fact it is too very different subjects indeed; time travel into the future and time travel into the past. Time travel into the future is comparatively easy. Literally all you have to do is travel very fast. In fact there is a man called Valery Polyakov who travelled a tenth of a millisecond into the future by living on board the Mir space station, predecessor of the International Space Station, for 437 days and 18 hours; over a year in space. He orbited the earth at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour continuously and as a result travelled into the future. This was calculated using Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. If you wanted to visit the distant future you could do so simply by building a spacecraft that could travel much faster than Mir. Backwards time travel is a different matter. It is declared to be impossible by most physicists, outside sci-fi authors' imagination. Even if there was a way to make it work, it would generate the "grandfather paradox" and other logical breakdowns. The best we can do is create the illusion of backwards time travel within the Many-Worlds hypothesis by visiting a world that is identical, or even closely resembles, earth's own past. However this new experiment throws that entire theoretical opus into the dustbin and, once again, forces the scientists to go back to square one. We have direct evidence of backwards time travel, albeit only in the informational sense and only in the realm of quantum physics. This doesn't yet mean you can go back and watch the premiere of Romeo and Juliet. However it does make one ponder the possibilities.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Anti-Muslim Attack

There has been an event in London that the police are treating as a terrorist incident. Just after midnight last night a man drove a van deliberately into a crowd of worshippers outside the Muslim Welfare House which is a short distance from the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque. They had just attended late night prayers at the mosque. Ten people were injured and one man died at the scene, but he was already receiving first aid before the attack and it's not known if his death was a direct result of the attack. The police arrested a single suspect. One witness claimed that the assailant said: "I want to kill all Muslims." Contrary to popular belief, right wing violence is a rare thing in Britain. Hate crimes perpetrated by white heterosexual males are definitely no higher than those perpetrated against WHM people by non-WHM's. The last time something like this happened and the police escalated it to the level of a terrorism offence was the case of Thomas Mair who is said to have murdered the MP Jo Cox. I don't believe this and explain why here: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/programme-214-podcast-trial-of-thomas.html. It is inevitable that a backlash would occur considering the heightened tensions of the last few months, for example see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/london-bridge-attacks.html. The shock among Londoners about the Grenfell Tower fire, although unrelated to terrorism in itself, could have acted as a trigger. As I say in the link above, I'm in the process of assessing all the evidence, but so far I'm satisfied that this and the Manchester incident were not false flags. There are now quite enough real jihadist nut-jobs in the country to make staging fake terrorism unnecessary. The government have deliberately made this happen; they have not just allowed it to happen through liberal weakness. They knew exactly what they were doing and their psychological warfare operation is bearing results. Counterattacks on the Muslim community are also a part of this psychological warfare operation, even if they are not secretly directed by state operators. The man who carried out this crime may well have simply lost control of himself emotionally out of sheer outrage generated by the recent Islamist atrocities, both real and staged. I'm sure somebody will try to blame Tommy Robinson for this, but I don't think that's fair. Robinson has never advocated violence. However I do think his former organization, the English Defence League, was founded secretly by the deep state in order to play a role in the future European civil war they hope to generate, see background links below for details. It is vital for people on both sides of the community to keep a calm and rational head to prevent the outcome that they are being goaded on to produce.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

New UFO Files

As the seventieth anniversary of the Roswell UFO Incident looms closer and closer there is a heightened state of excitement in the UFO research community. I can feel it myself, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/roswell-70.html. It therefore seems remarkably apt that some sensational new evidence has come to light at this time. It takes the form of a supposedly secret US government document that belongs to a contact discovered by the American radio broadcaster Heather Wade, hostess of the Midnight in the Desert late night talk show. She obtained this document from somebody she identifies only as a "trusted source" who are two former military servicemen and have possessed the documents for a long time. She says: "At this time we can find no evidence of forgery."
You can download PDF's of the so-called "New MJ-12" documents here: http://midnightinthedesert.com/exclusive-ultra-top-secret-assessment-situation-statement-position-ufos/.
The first thing that strikes me about this forty-eight page file is that it is a very poor quality reproduction, as if it's a tenth to twelfth generation photocopy. Some of its text is completely illegible. Even David Rudiak will have trouble demystifying a lot of it. A repeating curse is that Heather Wade has only been given these crude copies, no originals. This was the case with the first MJ-12 documents too. These were revealed only as photographs sent anonymously to Jaime Shandera in 1984. If any real MJ-12 papers existed then they have never been found. This new document declares itself to be a product of the Defence Intelligence Agency; unfortunately the date cannot be discerned. It says that it is for the attention of the office of Majestic 12 and describes the role of Majic-12 in a similar way to the original MJ-12 documents do. It begins with "historical precedents" to the crash in New Mexico in July of 1947 and then a summary of it. It mentions the Aztec, New Mexico event and includes a detailed description of the crash-retrieval operation and even the transcript of a conversation between the human investigators and one of the EBE's inside the Aztec flying disk. Unlike in the testimony of "Victor" and his "Alien Interview", see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/programme-196-podcast-alien-interview-20.html, this particular alien is very talkative and relates great details about themselves and their relationship with planet earth and its inhabitants. It seems to have more of an affinity with trees than with humans or any other intelligent animals. Its species used to visit earth regularly in the past and interact with the humans who lived in America before the arrival of European settlers. The creature chides Western civilization for the Holocaust, slavery and the mistreatment of black people, in a tone that sounds almost like a human left-wing radical. It claims that its peoples' current visit to earth is because it was summoned by a message sent to them by Nikola Tesla from Colorado USA in 1899. Their species refuses to interact openly with humanity because we are too aggressive and immoral. They fear that we would hang them all from the trees they value so much. They therefore wish to remain nothing more than a myth, like Santa Claus. The document ends with a summary briefing by MJ-12 that describes all the different kinds of extraterrestrial. There is also an appendix of alien symbols and a sample of their language script. That is the only truly original part of the docuement.

Several other researchers have already examined these documents. Kevin Randle is known for his very Fortean views on the UFO phenomenon and was instrumental in forewarning the UFOlogy community about the impending debacle of the Roswell Slides, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/my-last-word-on-roswell-slides.html. He has written two articles on the subject of these new documents and done a radio interview. He is familiar with official US government paperwork and knows what signs to look for. As with the first MJ-12 release, the dating format is wrong. So are the time stamps. The US military does everything on the twenty-four hour clock in Universal Coordinated Time or Greenwich Mean Time, known as "zulu" and there is no colon between hours and minutes. For example: "0715z" means quarter past seven in the morning GMT. Also the document classification warning reads: "ULTRA TOP SECRET". "Ultra" was the codename for a real British intelligence operation during World War II and would probably not be reused by the US government afterwards for this reason. However Top Secret is the highest classification within the US government information structure and compartmentalization within it is not designated by a higher level, only with a codeword, for example "Top Secret- Skylark" or "Top Secret- Greenwood" etc. Catchphrases like "Above Top Secret" are a descriptive device used by UFO researchers, not government agencies. There are anomalies with the description of the Roswell incident too, such as Gen. Twining relieving Col. Blanchard of his command of the Roswell base. Of course the presence of Twining in the theatre of operations would have meant Blanchard would have to defer in real time into the natural chain of command on scene, but this is not the same thing as relieving him of his post. Randle's conclusion is that the documents are forgeries and that "this does nothing to further our knowledge and just confuses an already confused issue." Maybe that's the idea, Kevin. Source: http://kevinrandle.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/mj-12-latest-documents.html and: http://kevinrandle.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/mj-12-new-documents-old-story.html. Linda Moulton Howe has put together an article without any validity assessment of the documents; however she has included some useful side notes that add clarity, see: https://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2534. Stanton Friedman is currently in the middle of studying the documents. He said immediately: "I've never seen anything like this!" Nick Pope's assessment is far blunter; he says the new MJ-12 is "fake with a capital F!" He adds: "I suspect they've been hoaxed by someone on the fringes of the UFO community, playing an elaborate practical joke to see if they can put one over on the true believers." Stephen Bassett thinks this might be some kind of purposeful disinformation, or that they could be the real thing. Alternatively they could be a hoax by either a skeptic or, as Nick Pope said, somebody on the fringes of the UFO community. Nick Redfern is pretty sure they're fake and not government disinfo: "While I don't know who faked those new MJ-12 documents, there's not a chance this is disinformation by a government agency." Source: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/818311/Roswell-UFO-aliens-proof-DIA-leak-fact-or-fiction. I have little doubt that these documents are bogus. Could they be deliberate disinformation purposely seeded into the media by government agencies? Quite possibly. The mainstream media has covered them extensively; the above article from the Express is just one of their many platforms. This is also the seventieth anniversary, as I said, and inevitably the profile of Roswell will rise up as a result. I partly disagree with Nick Pope though. Judging by their crudity and the transparency of their creator's blunders, I would say that if this is disinformation then it is targeted at the general public rather than UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists like me. This is an indicator I have spotted before, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-great-ufo-conspiracy-review.html. A hoaxer within the UFO/conspiracy movement would have made far more of an effort; they would realize that they had to. Indeed the original MJ-12 documents are a far more sophisticated forgery (If indeed they are not real) for this very reason. They were intended for consumption by knowledgeable enthusiasts. I'm sure there will be more information soon, in which case I will write an update.